About Pre-Nursery
Pre- Nursery - Mommy & MeĀ 4 months - 4 yrs.

While accompanied by a caregiver, your infant, toddler or pre-schooler will be introduced to education through a variety of exciting and stimulating activities. We offer age specific classes in music, art, movement and general studies. All activities are designed to challenge higher-level thinking while increasing confidence and creativity.

Our BabySmart and Start-Me-Smart offer a variety of fun learning activities. BabySmart introduces communication through sign language; For children 24 - 48 month's we offer SuperSmart, an extended class of 75 minutes. This multi-discipline class is ideal for children who aren't quite ready for our Nursery and Pre-K Drop-Off classes. Or if you prefer in depth concentration, we have music, art and movement classes in our MusicSmart, ArtSmart and Movin'Smart classes.

Since All children learn differently and their mental development is stimulated in various ways, we highly recommend taking at least two different class types to start. We have made it very easy to do this. While each class type has a separate theme the objective is always the same, stimulation and encouragement of mental development.